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Dropship Partner Program benefits

Automated Order Processing

We are partners with Spocket and serve as verified dropship merchants.  Our up-to-date inventory with prices and details are synced every hour directly through our website so you don't miss a beat. 

Daily Shipping

We use UPS, FedEx and UPS to process, fill, handle and package your sales order in a timely manner for 100% client satisfaction.  We will update the order system with latest tracking information.  

NO Subscription or Monthly Fees

Our fee for providing quality and timely blind ship services to you on a daily basis is simple - Five ($5) per shipped product.  No other hidden subscription or setup fees.

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As a merchant partner with Spocket, you can import our entire inventory along with hundreds of other merchants products to your site - INSTANTLY.

Spocket is the engine that will simplify your life by providing automated order processing, branded invoicing, merchant dashboard, streamlined financial reporting and much more.  It keeps you connected to what you do best and takes all the stress of retail away from you.  

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